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Beefeater - Studio 24

Last updated: Oct. 9, 2019, 10:13 a.m.

With a brief to break the Beefeater brand into the crowded music and gig industry, we set about making the experience for Beefeater patrons a personal one.

A system to create personalised album covers for users to share with their friends. Myriad templates and customisation options, such as adding photos, graphics and titles, to choose from made each cover unique to the user and made something truly shareable.


Over 30 thousand covers were created reaching over a half million audience
Creative Development Music / Audio Design / Illustration

Nik Naks - The Nik Nak Shak

Last updated: Oct. 9, 2019, 10:12 a.m.

A competition to launch a new flavour chosen by the public from our own set of 'character' flavours.

The Shak, not at all resembling any brothers large or small, was an artificially intelligent, HTML 5 app long before any buzzword-hungry folk even knew what chatbots and mobile responsive design even were.

Characters lived in the YouTube channel page, interacting with each other and generating content so that the audience could choose to evict the virtual contestants weekly until one remained and a limited edition run could be made of the winning flavour.
Creative Design / Illustration Development Social Media

Made By Dyslexia

Last updated: Oct. 9, 2019, 10:11 a.m.

Branding with comprehensive design and technical guideline documentation Dyslexia United was started by social entrepreneur Kate Griggs in January 2016. It’s a global charity ‘campaign/movement’ led by high profile dyslexics. The Ambassadorial President is Sir Richard Branson and Patron is HRH Princess Beatrice.

Kate Griggs has a track record in creating high profile campaigns and driving governmental change (in 2004 she formed a political party called Xtraordinary People to drive reform of the educational system which did result in a government review).

Dyslexia United changed their name to Made By Dyslexia. We were asked to rebrand the company using the new name and given a broad creative brief that had very specific technical requirements. The tone from the client was Stylish/Bold/Innovative/Challenging/Imaginative. We produced some excellent ideas, but the unanimous choice was the 9 dot logo. To think outside the box is to look further and to try not thinking of the obvious things, but to try thinking of the things beyond them, to create new unconventional connections and ideas from outside of the normal perspective.
Brand / Identity Creative Design / Illustration

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Strategy Creative Design Development Websites Apps
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