For those of us

who love

creative projects

with people we

know and trust


Talented people with experience of working together combine and display their skills to the world

Create a team


Businesses submit briefs for their projects and find teams they want to work with

Send project details


Micro’s platform brings clients and teams together with the business operational tools needed to get great work done with ease

What tools?


The platform tools

How do we help to make life easier so that teams can focus on doing great creative work?

Team portfolios

Case studies and member details enable teams to sell their talents

Project scheduling

Charts so everyone can see clearly when the work is happening

Statements of Work

Mutual agreement of project scope and a clear cost to client


Teams get paid in a timely manner with flexible payment options for clients

Notifications of potential work

Micro's team proactively source work and the system sends notifications straight to your inbox for relevant briefs

File management

Uploads and basic document creation. One place for everyone to find the relevant files

UK company setup, taxes and accounting

Micro can assist with company setup and HMRC through our partner, Crunch. Find out more on our accountancy page as there is no need to delay in getting your company setup.

Team accounting

Who are you?

Who are they?
Who are you?

Got apps?

Get a creative digital masterclass with our good friends on Hero Team. Collaborative and communicative all in one neat package, it is described as "a real pleasure" to work with these guys to get your web, app and tech projects done.

Moody films

Matt Mood and his amazing team join us to bring you exceptional and award winning film skills. A long time friend here at Micro, you don't get better creative direction than Matt and his Northern Whales...

A Rare Breed indeed

Not just branding and identity but bringing design to the fore of everything they do, let's welcome Rare Breed to the platform ladies and gentlemen please!

Speaking of public

We're proud to be helping Michael Sokolin to grow his amazing public speaking business. He doesn't just give you the presentation skills but digs way deeper into your self to quell the fear and get the best out of your public speaking.

Chiefing the technicals

Making sure the good ship Micro is battle ready and ship shape, meet Ellis Percival ladies and gentlemen!!! Our new CTO knows more than a thing or two about the techs. So happy to have him with us.

Micro meetup

Team meetup in London in a couple of months. Email invites going out soon and we look forward to buying you all a tasty beverage! No really, we insist :)

Agency collaboration

Micro have teamed up with a rather large New York design house to expand their offering, providing them with creative strategy and technical build teams for two of their client's Christmas campaigns. More news on social media soon. Here's to the new year.

10 more teams

The tally ticks up as our Beta phase expands into it's second iteration. We're getting some great feedback so keep the comments coming!!!

All hail our new Head of Strategy

A long time friend and strategic genius, Lau Moyano, joins in to push us over the edge and into your hands. Such a great team!!! Thanks to you all.